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Used by over 2000 Machine Learning course students!


What people say about Octave Cloud

Octave Cloud was introduced during Machine Learning course on Coursera in 2013. Over 2000 students used it to submit their assignments.

This tool is awesome - beats having to install Octave, and the UI is so clean. I'll be using it a lot for the rest of the class.
— Ushma Kriplani
Thanks man. I would have dropped the class if it wasn't you.
— Yaakov Landy
Octave from the cloud has made my experience in this course much better
— Robert gonzales
Great tool! I highly recommend this to everyone. And in addition Alex is providing a great level of support.
— Detlev Noll
I think it's awesome! Works really well, even where my local version had an issue, I could continue on your online version. And I love the user interface. Very easy with both the code listing, the shell and gnuplot output in one view. Impressive work!
— Arthur Kosten
This tool has became a necessity, for this course. Hassle free programming and the integration of all the windows make it wonderful. Even without a working copy of windows on my computer i completed the exercises within no time. Thanks man, for this wonderful alternative.
— Shivam Rastogi
I very much like the way plot windows are displayed in the stream of other output from the exercise. It's like a visual shell.
— Stephen Jungels
Opening the browser, then clicking 2-3 times with the mouse and you have Octave session and all your project files accessible... I've submitted week 3 tasks without a single problem. But this was only the beginning of the fun. I managed to run complicated experiments during the last 3 days and the application performance was great.
— Penyo Petrov
Amazing work, it's a very nice contribution to the ML Coursera- and Octave's community. Well done!
— Antonio Rebordao
This is awesome!!
— Sameer Bhadouria
Works pretty well! Thanks for this!
— James Buban
Wow, this is great! Thank you!
— David Lieb
this looks pretty impressive. i'm using the web interface while i get octave working again in mavericks, but maybe i will never have to go back.
— Evan Discard
wow! That works fast. Good job!
— Marcus Nasarek
Thank you for what you build for us guys. It's really an amazing job.
— Yansong Li
and many more!

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